Bringing Two Important Senses together to Sharpen your Three Dimensional Life

Hearing and Vision are two important senses which function inseparably together allowing each of us to experience the full three dimensional world.  These connected senses both decline at the same stage in life and the loss of either or both can have negative effects on our overall health and quality of life. Our goal at Richens Eye Center has always been to protect and restore your vision … when it comes to hearing health, we understand the importance of prevention and that is why we now offer annual hearing evaluations, a No-Cost Health Benefit, to all of our patients.

Trust and Familiarity

Richens Eye Center is a trusted medical practice in Southern Utah dedicated to diagnosing and treating all types of eye diseases and conditions ranging from routine exams to complex surgical procedures.  Our mission has always been to help our patients restore their lifestyle in a cost-effective manner with the latest state-of-the-art procedures, equipment, and Board-Certified Specialists.

Today, Dr. Richens’ commitment to unprecedented excellence in eye care and the restoration of your lifestyle has led her to provide you equal quality of care to another very important sense of your life … your hearing.

Most people tend to accept the gradual change to their vision and hearing as they age, and as a result, find themselves missing out on simple things like movies, television and interpersonal relationships. In order to facilitate a better awareness of hearing health, we are pleased to offer a five-minute hearing screening to each patient, as a courtesy.  Full-service hearing evaluations, a valued health benefit, are available free-of-charge for those individuals who wish to learn more about their hearing health, prevention, and solutions.

Comfort and Convenience

Southern Utah residents have trusted Dr. Richens with their vision for many years. Vision and Hearing are two of the most important of our five senses.  Hearing and Vision function together and If any aspect of your vision is compromised, it is even more vital to restore your hearing. Now, in the comfort and convenience of our practice, we are proud to offer you the latest in hearing health technology.  Dr. Richens, a hearing device user herself, has arranged for her personal hearing healthcare provider to provide hearing services for the patients of Richens Eye Center.

From Cataract Surgery to Laser Vision Correction, Diseases of the Eye and now HEARING, the team of professionals at Richens Eye Center is dedicated to providing each patient with a treatment plan that is customized to maintain visual and hearing health for years to come.


Testing and Diagnosis conducted by our Board-Certified Hearing Healthcare Provider
Advanced technology to measure your hearing, understanding, and ear functionality
Individual consultations and recommendations to provide you with the ultimate solution

Hearing Aids

Virtually invisible hearing aids and comfortable designs
Same day fitting for most patients
Natural quality of the latest in hi-fidelity digital sound
Increased quality of speech comprehension, even in background noise!
Personalized hearing aid output verification to insure performance quality

Our Hearing Services Team

We welcome Mark and Eric Nilsson of Nilsson Hearing Clinics as a critical part of our team here at Richens Eye Center.  The addition of Southern Utah’s most experienced hearing health provider to our tradition of excellence at Richens Eye Center will provide our patients both added value and convenience.

With office locations from Richfield, Utah to Mesquite, Nevada, the specialists and staff of Nilsson Hearing Clinics provide the same level of hearing care that you have come to expect from us at Richens Eye Center.

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