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Richens Eye Center is a medical practice dedicated to diagnosing and treating all types of eye diseases and conditions ranging from routine exams for eye glasses to the need for specialized surgery. Our goal is to provide excellent ophthalmic care to every person in each family regardless of age or type of dysfunction. To that end, Richens Eye Center staff members work together to ensure that your needs are ably met. Our physicians are highly trained in their subspecialties, and they bring a wide range of medical expertise to their patients. Staying up-to-date with the latest research, they constantly strive to improve treatments and find cures for eye diseases.

Richens Eye Center is committed to preserving and restoring sight by providing the most comprehensive and highest quality eye care for the people of southern Utah.

Our Passion Is Vision For Life

We’re dedicated to providing southern Utah families with complete quality eye care in a cost-effective, professional and caring manner. Friendly office staff aims to make every visit comfortable, and board-certified physicians utilize state of the art equipment and facilities to ensure expert general and specialized eye care in each evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan.

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How Light Adjustable Lenses Are Revolutionizing the Eye Industry

Cataract surgery involves removing your cloudy eye lens and placing a new artificial lens (an intraocular lens or IOL) in its place. For years, one of the potential drawbacks of cataract surgery was that the lenses had to be chosen before surgery and couldn't be adjusted once they were in your eyes. So, previously, if ...
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What Are the Available Treatment Options for Lazy Eye?

The common term for the medical condition amblyopia, lazy eye, presents in the patient as an eye that “wanders” to drift up, down, and/or side to side, causing eyes to move out of sync. This condition can result in poor depth (or “3D”) perception or even double vision. Fortunately, physicians and patients can take many ...
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