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Dr. Kristin Tarbet, M.D. FACS

Beauty, With an EYE for Detail and Finesse

Dr. Kristen Tarbet, M.D. FACS Richens Eye Center

Richens Eye Center is proud to associate with Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Facial Plastic Cosmetic, and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Kristin Tarbet. With over 20 years of experience, she places her patients in good hands with excellent patient satisfaction.

In addition, her subspecialty focus provides detailed knowledge of the facial region. This focus allows a total concentration of her skills on the most advanced, safe, and effective techniques in ophthalmic facial plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Tarbet and her team know the importance of cosmetic and beauty results, and having them done with the best practices and technology. Details matter, and we make sure to provide results that you can be proud of.

If you have any questions about cosmetic surgery and are interested in a procedure, give one of our multiple locations a call or visit us in the office. Dr. Tarbet and our team are looking forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic and beauty goals!

Ophthalmic Facial Plastic Cosmetic And Reconstructive Surgery

The face, and especially the eyes, are the central focus in our everyday interactions with others. Yet, seeking improvement in these areas is often intimidating and overwhelming. Dr. Tarbet specializes in eyelids and facial plastic surgery, working with the most current and up-to-date research and information to ensure our patients achieve their desired results.

Richens Eye Center Has You Covered

Dr. Tarbet's goal is to give you a truly natural result. In Facial Plastic Surgery, a doctor cannot hide their work under the patient's clothing. That is why we pride ourselves on receiving comments from our patients. We use the compliments and input they get from others to assure the best outcome possible for you.

Often the compliments received are measured in how young, rested, and vibrant they look. Our patients frequently report that their friends and family could not identify that they had work done! While still commenting on their new youthful and reinvigorated appearance. We make sure to provide the best results possible while minimizing downtime, recovery, and any minor pain or discomfort that comes with these procedures.

Results & Focus

The results are only attainable because Dr. Tarbet's only focus is on you, her patient. She provides individual attention and listens to your goals, concerns, desired areas of improvement, and post-procedure expectations. Dr. Tarbet's focus on your needs has driven her for over 20 years resulting in expectations exceeded for patients. Experience a Southern Utah Doctor that will listen, educate, recommend, and counsel you to a better outcome. Dr. Tarbet and her team of healthcare professionals are dedicated to helping you feel safe, comfortable, and happy with your results!

Oculoplastic Surgery

At the Richens Eye Center, Dr. Tarbet offers numerous different oculoplastic surgeries that can help you look and feel younger. The following oculoplastic surgical procedures that you can have done at the Richens Eye Center are:

  • Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Facelift & Necklift Surgery
  • Lacrimal Surgery
  • Orbital Surgery
  • Graves Disease
  • Blepharospasm
  • Skin Cancers/Facial Lesion

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

At the Richens Eye Center, Dr. Tarbet also offers numerous different facial cosmetic surgeries and procedures that can enhance your beauty and overall appearance. These facial cosmetic procedures include:

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At the Richens Eye Center, Dr. Tarbet and her experienced team believe that everyone deserves to look how they feel, and achieve their aesthetic and beauty goals. Feeling good and looking good is essential to confidence and happiness, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve the happiest version of yourself. With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we provide the best service, care, and results!

To schedule an appointment for a cosmetic surgery consultation, please call any of our offices or fill out an online contact form, and our office will be in touch with you. With multiple locations in Utah and Nevada for your convenience, we look forward to helping you start your beauty and wellness journey. Thank you for choosing Richens Eye Center!

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