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In addition to the comprehensive ophthalmology services we provide, our practice features an optical center with a wide array of eyeglass frames and contact lenses to suit every look and budget. Patients can come into our glasses store and choose glasses frames from many elite designers, as well as stylish yet affordable alternatives. In addition, we carry a full line of glasses frames for children and teens and a great selection of athletic eyewear. Our convenient onsite location eliminates the hassle of having to take your prescription to another location in order to fill your vision correction needs.

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Why Should I Buy My Eyeglasses At An Optical Shop Rather Than Online?

Obviously, buying products online is convenient. But for certain products, personal attention to your needs is more important than instant convenience. At Richens Eye Center, we strongly believe eyeglasses are one of those products.

Sure we sell eyeglasses in our three Richens Eye Center locations in St. George and Mesquite, but we’re more concerned with helping patients achieve the best vision possible. Personally fitting eyeglasses in our optical shops does just that. This, of course, follows your professional eye exam to test your eyes and determine your refractive error (why you need eyeglasses).

Eyeglasses aren’t like buying a shirt. Prescription glasses are a long-term purchase that will affect your vision all day every day. Is that something you really want to trust to an online store?

Here are reasons why a professional glasses store is the place to buy your prescription glasses:

  • Many Decisions Are Involved
    Buying eyeglasses involves many decisions — everything from various materials and designs for both lenses and frames, to hinge types and lens coatings. If you’re completely comfortable and knowledgeable about these decisions, you can buy glasses online, but most people aren’t. They need a person to bounce questions off of and get feedback. That’s what we do.

  • Measurements Are Critical
    The optical center of your eyeglasses is where the lenses provide the most accurate vision and it needs to sit directly in front of your pupils. To find this, a measurement is made of the distance between your pupils, colloquially known as PD (papillary distance). Measuring your own PD is difficult. And if you get it wrong, your glasses purchased online won’t have the optical centers of the lenses in the correct location. We take precise PD measurements in our optical shops.

  • Fit Needs To Be Tested
    Just as each of our faces is uniquely shaped, eyeglasses vary in the way they fit those uniquely shaped faces. Glasses frames that don’t fit your face correctly — maybe they’re too large, or maybe they slip on the bridge of your nose — may not only be uncomfortable, but they may also keep the optical center from being correctly positioned.

    At Richens, our opticians can provide feedback if a frame style is a good choice for you and whether it may change once the lenses are inserted. Or we may suggest an alternative with thinner, lighter lenses that works better, particularly if you have a strong prescription.

  • There’s Nothing Like Trying Different Frames In Person
    Much more than a piece of clothing or shade of makeup, your eyeglasses are on your face basically all the time. So, why are you going to trust such an important part of your look to an online shop where you digitally apply frames onto an uploaded photo of your face?

    At our optical shops, you can try on as many frame styles as you like. You can try different lens weights and thicknesses. And you can ask a live person what he or she thinks of your choices. This ensures you’ll love the glasses you finally opt to purchase.

  • We’ll Make Sure You’re Happy With Your Prescription Glasses
    After you buy your eyeglasses, we’ll help with future adjustments. Or, if you decide you don’t like your choice, we’ll work with you to get you into a frame and lens you’re happier with. That’s not true online, where returns can be difficult, if not impossible.

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Glasses Frames

When visiting our optical center, patients will be seen by one of our experienced optometrists, who will help you decide which glasses frames are best for you. Many factors are taken into consideration, including your personal style, the shape of your face and your coloring. We offer a tremendous variety of eyewear from top quality designer and fashion manufacturers to fit every style.

How Do I Choose The Right Glasses Frames?

When choosing your glasses frames at Richens, there are four areas you should consider: face shape, skin tone, lifestyle, and style.

Face Shape

Different frame styles enhance your look, but different styles work better on different faces.

  • Round Faces — Square or rectangular glasses frames are wider than a round face, making it appear slimmer and longer. This balances out round features. Avoid rimless or round frames.
  • Oval Faces — For an oval face, look for glasses frames that are wider than the broadest part of the face and are geometric in shape. Stay away from overly large frames.
  • Square Faces — Oval or round eyeglasses will balance and thin the appearance of a square face. Avoid rectangular or boxy eyeglass frames.
  • Diamond Faces — For this face shape, frames such as cat eyes can work, as they are wider at the top of the frame than the bottom. Oval frames also work on diamond faces. Avoid narrow frames that accentuate the width of your cheeks.
  • Heart-Shaped Faces — Higher, broader foreheads in this face shape need glasses frames that balance the width of the forehead with the narrowness of the chin. Eyeglasses with bottom-heavy frame lines work well. Round eyeglasses can draw attention away from a high forehead.

Skin Tone

Here you want to select a frame shade that is closest to your skin tone.

  • Warm Skin Tone – Stay away from contrasting colors, such as pastels. Black glasses frames aren’t good, either. Light tortoise, brown, gold, honey, or olive green frame shades work well on warm skin tones.
  • Cool Skin Tone – Avoid colors that wash you out. Go with black, silver, dark tortoise, purple, blue, mauve, or grey.


Consider your lifestyle. If you’re very active, you may consider glasses frames that can bend without breaking. If you work a lot, a conservative business style could be a good choice.


Your eyeglasses can be a clue into your personality. You may want a couple of pairs, one for the weekend and another for work. Maybe a colorful frame is all you, but just on the weekend.

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How Do I Choose The Right Lenses?

The lenses you choose for your prescription glasses are usually more important than the frames in your overall satisfaction. There are many choices in modern eyeglass lenses, and it can be daunting if trying to buy online. This is where the expertise in our Richens optical shops can really help you out.

Here are some of the choices you’ll need to consider:
Eyeglass Lens Materials

  • Glass – Glass lenses used to be the only choice, but they are heavy and can break and aren’t widely used today.
  • Plastic – A plastic polymer call CR-39 is used to make lightweight, low-cost plastic lenses.
  • Polycarbonate – The first polycarbonate lenses were introduced in the 1970s for safety glasses. They are lightweight, impact-resistant, and very popular for sports eyewear and children’s glasses.
  • Higher-Index Plastic – In the last two decades, different “high-index” plastic lenses have been introduced. These lenses are thinner and lighter, and they come in a variety of lens thicknesses, based on the refractive index.

Refractive Index
This can get complicated. We can talk you through it in our optical shop, but here’s the nutshell explanation. A lens made of a material with a higher refractive index will be thinner than a lens made of a material with a lower refractive index. Generally, most people want thinner, lighter lenses these days, so the refractive index comes into play.

Abbe Value
The Abbe value relates to the optical error visible in a lens, called chromatic aberration. This is usually most noticeable when looking through the periphery of eyeglass lenses. The lower the Abbe value, the more likely they’ll have some distortion at the lens periphery.

Aspheric Design
Aspheric designs feature lens curvature that changes gradually from the center of the lens to the edge. These designs enable the lens to have a flatter curve, making the lens slimmer. Since aspheric lenses are flatter than conventional lenses, they tend to reduce the unwanted magnification of the wearer’s eyes when others are looking at you in your glasses. They also tend to improve clarity in the wearer’s peripheral vision.

Lens Treatments
You’ll also need to decide upon any lens coatings for your eyeglasses. You’ll likely need to opt for anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective coating, UV-blocking treatment, and possibly photochromic treatment (where the lenses automatically darken in response to UV and high-energy visible light rays).

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A Selection Of Contact Lenses

If you opt for contact lenses, our staff can evaluate your needs in order to fit you correctly and comfortably. We can help you navigate the many choices such as daily wear, extended wear and disposables to perfectly suit your lifestyle. We offer a selection of all of the top contact lens brands, including Acuvue, CIBA Air Optix, Bausch & Lomb, Fresh Look and Proclear.

There are contact lens types available to meet your every need:

Bifocal/Multifocal lenses provide clear vision for those who have trouble seeing at more than one distance. Bifocals can improve both reading and far distance, while multifocals also provide clarity to the middle distance, such as for doing computer work.

Monovision lenses are another way to correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness if bifocal lenses aren’t comfortable. With this solution, the lens in one eye corrects your near vision and the lens in the other eye corrects your distance vision.

Astigmatism correction can be achieved using contact lenses to make blurry or distorted vision sharp once more.

Colored contacts can change the color of your eyes either subtly or dramatically while also correcting your vision.

Disposable lenses require no maintenance because they are worn for the day, then discarded.

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