Juvéderm® XC Injectable Gel

Juvéderm® was one of the original dermal fillers, first approved by the FDA for use in the United States in 2006. Since then, Juvéderm® has been injected millions of times around the world to erase lines and creases and to return volume to sunken areas.

At Richens Eye Center, we provide Juvéderm® XC for our patients from St. George and Mesquite.

What is Juvéderm XC?

Juvéderm® XC is classified as a “natural” filler. This is because Juvéderm® XC is made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body whose job is to hydrate and plump the skin. When injected beneath a wrinkle or crease or area of volume loss, the hyaluronic acid in Juvéderm® XC instantly binds with nearby water molecules to return volume and erase lines and wrinkles. True to its name as a dermal filler, Juvéderm® “fills” in the area and pushes the skin back upward.

Where is Juvéderm® XC used?

This is the original Juvéderm® product and still the most popular offering in the line. Juvéderm® XC is used to fill the creases that form around your mouth, predominantly nasolabial folds (also known as smile lines) running from your nose down to the corners of your mouth, parentheses lines that frame the sides of your mouth, and marionette lines that drop downward from the corners of the mouth.

What is the difference between Juvéderm and Botox?

Although both are injectables, that’s where the comparison ends: Juvéderm® is a dermal filler and Botox® is a neuromodulator. Dermal fillers such as Juvéderm® fill wrinkles from beneath. They are used on wrinkles and areas of volume loss on the midface down through the mouth area.

Botox® is completely different. Certain wrinkles on the upper third of the face form when we make expressions, over time creating a crease. Muscle contractions create these wrinkles. When injected into these muscles, Botox® works by stopping the muscle from contracting, so this erases the wrinkle on the surface skin.

Juvéderm® and Botox® are actually complementary to one another, working on different areas of the face and on different wrinkle types.

Is Juvéderm safe?

Juvéderm® has been approved for the treatment of lines and areas of volume loss by the FDA. It has proven to be safe, effective, and very popular in the 15+ years since its FDA approval. Because Juvéderm® is made from hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the human body, reactions are quite rare. The typical side effects are slight redness and tenderness at the injection sites. This typically passes in a few hours after your injection session at Richens Eye Center.

Do Juvéderm injections hurt?

Juvéderm® XC is injected with a very tiny needle, but if you’d like us to apply topical numbing cream at your injection sites prior to your session we’re more than happy to do so. Some patients request that, others don’t.

Who is an ideal candidate for Juvéderm XC?

First off, whether Juvéderm® XC is right for you depends upon the type of wrinkles you’re seeking to erase and where they occur. Juvéderm® XC only works on what are called “static” wrinkles. These wrinkles are caused by declining collagen production, sun damage, personal habits, and other environmental factors. Static wrinkles show themselves at all times, as they are due to skin damage. They occur on the mid to lower face.

The other type of wrinkle is known as the “dynamic wrinkle.” These are the result of repeated muscle contractions when we form common expressions such as showing surprise or frowning. Over the years as our collagen production declines, our skin thins, and we make these muscle contractions hundreds of thousands of times, wrinkles start to form on the surface skin above these muscles. These are crow’s feet at the outside of the eyes, frown lines between your eyebrows, and forehead lines. Botox® is the solution for dynamic wrinkles, as it relaxes the underlying muscle causing the wrinkle. Juvéderm® XC and other dermal fillers don’t work on dynamic wrinkles.

Juvéderm® XC targets the area around the lower nose down through the skin surrounding the mouth. If you’ve had volume loss here, which has created nasolabial folds and other wrinkles, Juvéderm® XC is a perfect solution to turn the clock back. And because Juvéderm® is made from hyaluronic acid, which naturally exists in our bodies, any allergic reactions are very rare.

Is there anything I need to do before my Juvéderm session?

No preparation is necessary.

How long can I expect my results from Juvéderm XC to last?

Once injected, Juvéderm® XC provides instant results, filling in the depressed area and pushing the skin back upward. This erases or thoroughly diminishes the line, crease, or area of volume loss. Juvéderm® XC provides results for from 9 to 12 months, the variation depending upon the individual metabolism of the patient and the area injected. The more the area moves with daily life, the shorter the duration of the results before the body absorbs the hyaluronic acid.

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