Delicious Foods That Are Good for Eyes, Too

iStock 904459526 1 Your mother was right – you can’t just live on cookies and cake. Eating foods that are good for you is important. Healthy foods aren’t just good for your mental and physical health, but they are also important for good eyesight and the health of your eyes. Read on for some information about keeping eyes healthy and preventing damage to your eyes by adding these foods to your diet. 

Foods that have vitamin E

Vitamin E helps to keep cells healthy, and studies have shown that it can help to prevent cataracts and can help to keep age-related macular degeneration from getting worse. The good news is that you can get a boost of vitamin E from yummy foods such as avocados and peanut butter. Munch on some sunflower seeds or almonds while you work or watch TV – those are high in vitamin E, too. 

Foods that have vitamin A

Foods such as carrots and sweet potatoes provide vitamin A. Vitamin A, which helps night vision, helps to prevent dry eyes, and keeps the retina healthy, can also be found in other brightly colored fruits and vegetables. 

Green leafy vegetables

Leafy veggies have a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that protect the macula (a healthy macula is important for clear vision) and lower eye-disease risk. Kale, spinach, and romaine lettuce are good for vision, and broccoli, peas, and eggs also have these antioxidants. 

Foods that have vitamin C

Some studies have shown that vitamin C can help to prevent cataracts as well as protect the eyes from sun and environmental damage. Vitamin C can be found in sweet potatoes, tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, red bell peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, and peaches. For maximum vitamin C effectiveness, eat these foods raw, without heating them.   

You don’t have to give up your nightly cookies or piece of cake to have healthy eyes – just add a few of these delicious foods in throughout your day. If you are having problems with your eyes, call the Richens Eye Center in St. George, UT and Mesquite, NV. Call (435) 986-2020 for an eye appointment today!

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