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Blurred Vision and Light Sensitivity? You May Need Surgery

If you’ve faced changes to your vision through blurriness or light sensitivity, you may need something known as corneal cross-linking, a procedure that can help treat keratoconus.  Keratoconus is an eye condition that weakens and thins the cornea, eventually making it bulge, which can impair vision. If left untreated and allowed to progress, keratoconus can necessitate a […]

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Tips for Itchy, Red Eyes

You might not even need a calendar to tell you that spring is here – you may know it because of the sneezing, the congestion, and your itchy, red eyes. Most of the time, your itchy eyes will resolve on their own – but when is it time to see your eye doctor? And how can

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Adjusting to Your Bifocals

Getting older is no fun! And one of the more unlikeable parts of aging is that your vision changes. Maybe you have always had trouble seeing far away, but now suddenly you aren’t seeing so well up close, either! Bifocals may be the solution, but these can take some time to get used to, even if you

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What Is Strabismus And How Is It Treated?

Monitoring one’s eye and vision health is incredibly important to ensure that patients do not experience permanent vision loss, infection, and other conditions that can significantly impact one’s day-to-day activities. Many eye conditions that can develop are progressive, meaning that with early diagnosis and treatment, many conditions can be treated before permanent vision loss occurs.

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What To Do For A Scratched Cornea

If you’ve ever experienced a scratched cornea, or “corneal abrasion,” you know exactly how painful it can be. Even the smallest injury to the cornea can be painful. The cornea has many, many nerve endings that alert the brain that there is something foreign in the eye, or if there has been damage. Unfortunately, with

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