How Does iLASIK Work?

iLASIK isn’t just your standard LASIK surgery. It stands out because it uses cutting-edge technology tailored to your eyes. Traditional LASIK procedures are effective, but iLASIK takes precision to the next level with wavefront technology. This technology maps your eye with immense accuracy, allowing for a customized treatment. The result? A higher chance of achieving sharper

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Do you have an astigmatism?

If you haven’t been seeing as well as you used to, the problem may be an astigmatism. It is a very common vision problem, but the good news is that it is also easily corrected by contacts or even iLASIK. Are you curious about what, exactly, an astigmatism is and how it affects your vision? What

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Am I a candidate for iLASIK?

Patients who struggle with refractive errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, including problems such as astigmatism, may be tired of dealing with contact lenses and eyeglasses to maintain proper vision. In situations such as this, patients in the areas of Mesquite, NV and St. George, UT may want to ask an eye doctor about the

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ICL Surgery

Dr. Sharon Richens of Richens Eye Center is a dedicated ophthalmologist in the communities of Mesquite and St. George who can assist patients with a wide range of vision health concerns. When patients are dealing with a condition such as cataracts, they may be frustrated at how it is impacting their overall quality of life

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