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Tips for Itchy, Red Eyes

You might not even need a calendar to tell you that spring is here – you may know it because of the sneezing, the congestion, and your itchy, red eyes. Most of the time, your itchy eyes will resolve on their own – but when is it time to see your eye doctor? And how can …

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Watch Out for These Eye Accidents

You know it’s important to take care of your eyes and have them tested and checked regularly. But unfortunately, accidents can happen – it only takes a second for something to happen that can affect your vision for the rest of your life. In honor of October being Home Eye Safety Awareness Month, here are some …

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What Causes A Stye?

Though some eye conditions occur without any noticeable cause, the ones we cause ourselves are far more bothersome. Nothing is worse than an eye injury that we know we could have avoiding through wearing safety goggles or not touching our eyes. Thankfully, not all eye issues are cause for concern, though they can definitely be …

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Fascinating Facts About Your Eyes

Your eyes are two of the most incredible organs in your body. If you don’t struggle with any major eye issues, you can often take them for granted. Remember to schedule your regular eye exam by calling Richen’s Eye Center today. Meanwhile, read on to discover some interesting insights about your eyes. Your eyes are …

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