Adjusting to Your Bifocals

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Getting older is no fun! And one of the more unlikeable parts of aging is that your vision changes. Maybe you have always had trouble seeing far away, but now suddenly you aren’t seeing so well up close, either! Bifocals may be the solution, but these can take some time to get used to, even if you have worn glasses for years.

What Are Bifocals?

Bifocals are glasses that are divided into two parts – the upper part of the lens has a prescription that allows you to see far away, and the bottom half has a different prescription that allows you to see up close. There are even trifocal lenses available, which have a spot in the middle of the lens for “intermediate vision.” Bifocals may have a line dividing the top and bottom, or they may be progressive lenses, which have a more gradual change on the lens between the two prescriptions.

Even if you have been wearing glasses a long time, it can take a bit of time to adjust to wearing bifocals because your eyes have to be “retrained” as to where to look. For instance, if you are going up or down steps, looking down might make this more difficult, because the lower part of your glasses are for seeing up close. You also might have to work to find the right spot to look at through your glasses when reading or when looking at your computer.

All of this work can confuse your eyes and make you feel nauseous or dizzy at first, but this is natural. It can take up to 2 weeks to really get used to your bifocals. If you are still having problems after 2 weeks, you should contact your eye doctor to make sure your prescription doesn’t need changing.

Adjusting to bifocals can take a bit of time, but it is worth it once you get used to them. If you don’t seem to be seeing as well as you used to, it may be time for an eye exam to see if bifocals can help. Contact Richens Eye Center, with offices in St. George, UT, and Mesquite, NV. Call (435) 986-2020 for an appointment today!

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