What Is An Effective Treatment For Lazy Eye?

afro beautiful child 1068205 1 300x300 1 At Richens Eye Center, we understand the importance of your eyesight. We know that many conditions can impact your eyesight, including lazy eye. Lazy eye, referred to medically as “amblyopia,” occurs when one or both eyes do not develop normally during childhood. This can cause one eye or both eyes to cause changes in eyesight as an individual age. In some instances, amblyopia is spotted during infancy, and may sometimes include clouding from developmental cataracts.

How is amblyopia treated?

First, patients need to be evaluated by Dr. Sharon Richens to determine if they have amblyopia. Once a diagnosis has been made, treatment options are discussed. In many instances, the best way to treat lazy eye is to force the brain to use the impacted eye or eyes. Corrective lenses may be used to improve this condition, or the use of an eyepatch on the healthy eye. By forcing the brain to utilize they affected eye, it can better process information and improve vision overall. In cases where cataracts are developing, surgery may be used as a treatment option.

When should lazy eye be treated?

It is best for patients to get a proper diagnosis as soon as possible to address amblyopia. This condition, when caught early, can be effectively treated. We recommend addressing this condition before the age of nine, which is when a child’s eye is fully developed. Early infancy and childhood are the best time to get a diagnosis and treat this condition.

What do I do if my child has amblyopia?

The most critical thing you can do for your child is to bring them to Richens Eye Center for an evaluation. During this time, a diagnosis can be made and treatment options are discussed. We welcome new and current patients into our practices in the areas of Utah and Nevada.

Interested in learning more about amblyopia?

If you are concerned that you may be dealing with lazy eye, or want to speak to a provider about your child’s condition, call the team of Richens Eye Center. Dr. Sharon Richens and her team are available to help with a proper diagnosis and effective treatment recommendations. Call (435) 986-2020 to schedule an appointment at any one of her three convenient office locations.

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