At what point should I seek treatment for cataracts?

istock 957121742 One of the most common eye disorders that occur with the process of aging is that of cataracts. Millions of Americans over the age of 40 deal with this condition, and some to the point where surgical intervention is required to restore vision and improve a patient’s quality of life. With the team at Richens Eye Center, we are committed to providing the best possible care for those who suspect that cataracts are developing. 

What exactly are cataracts? 

Cataracts is best described as the clouding of the eye lens. While this starts out as minimal vision impairment, it can become a more serious and problematic issue for individuals. For some, cataracts can develop to the point where it is no longer safe to drive or impacts one’s daily activities that they enjoy, such as reading or painting. At this point, it is time for patients to consider treatment options such as cataract surgery. 

When do I need cataract surgery? 

Cataracts develop on their own, and in many cases, the earlier stages can be harder for a patient to detect. Patients are often unaware that their vision is changing until they visit an eye doctor for an evaluation. This is why routine appointments with Dr. Sharon Richen for a comprehensive evaluation is key to protecting one’s vision. Other conditions, such as glaucoma, can also be difficult to notice in the early years. 

Some patients have mild cataracts that do not impair their everyday lives, while others may find that cataracts completely eliminate their ability to enjoy their favorite activities. At this point, it may be time to speak to a professional about surgical intervention options. 

Learn more about cataracts 

Dr. Sharon Richens of Richens Eye Center understands the concerns patients might have about common conditions that impact their vision during the aging process, including cataracts. If you suspect that you have cataracts and want to receive a proper diagnosis, our team can assist. We have three office locations throughout the community of St. George, UT and Mesquite, NV and accept new patients who call for an appointment at (435) 986-2020

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