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copy of istock 1178181765 Dr. Sharon Richens of Richens Eye Center is a dedicated ophthalmologist in the communities of Mesquite and St. George who can assist patients with a wide range of vision health concerns. When patients are dealing with a condition such as cataracts, they may be frustrated at how it is impacting their overall quality of life and the ability to perform daily tasks. This clouding of the natural eye lens can be addressed with surgical procedures such as ICL surgery.

What is ICL surgery?

ICL surgery is a procedure that is performed to remove the lens of the eye and replace it with an intraocular lens, or IOL. Intraocular lenses are artificial and can not only remove the clouding of the eye caused by cataracts, but can improve a patient’s vision to the point they no longer depend on prescription eyeglasses or contacts. Our team of professionals educate patients on this procedure and help them determine if they are a good candidate. Dr. Sharon Richens also helps patients decide the best IOL for their needs, as there are a variety to choose from. Premium IOLs can address cataracts and vision at the same time, offering patients a new lease on life with clearer vision and improved eye health!

When should I schedule my ICL surgery?

Patients who have certain healthcare plans that expire at the end of each year should use their benefits before the end of 2020 to significantly reduce their cost of surgery. Many health plans have “use it or lose it” funds that are wasted if patients do not schedule their treatments and undergo surgery before the year ends, so it’s important to call our practice now and discuss your needs to get you on the books before December 31st, 2020!

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Patients who are in need of an eye examination and are interested in learning more about treating cataracts with ICL surgery are strongly advised to book a consultation appointment and initial evaluation with Dr. Sharon Richens by calling (435) 986-2020. Richens Eye Center offers three convenient locations throughout the areas of Mesquite, NV and St. George, UT and accepts new patients.

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