Are You Using Eyedrops Correctly?

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Does it seem like every time you use eyedrops, they don’t really do much good? It is possible you are using the wrong kind of drops, or maybe you aren’t using them correctly – or maybe eyedrops just won’t help the problem you are having with your eyes. Read on for some tips for using eyedrops!

All Eyedrops Aren’t the Same

If you have dry eyes, red eyes, or itchy eyes, eyedrops that you can get without a prescription at the grocery store might help. However, it does matter what kind you get. If you want eyedrops to treat dry eyes, decongestant eyedrops (which are made to reduce red eyes) won’t help, and they may actually make eyes even more dry.

There are also right ways and wrong ways to use drops. Before putting in eyedrops, check the label (if your eye doctor has given you prescription eyedrops to use, it is important to follow the instructions you were given when using these drops). While some eyedrops are all right to use when you have your contacts in, for others you should remove your contacts first. Make sure you wash your hands before putting them in, and don’t touch the tip of the dropper or let anything touch it to avoid contaminating the drops. Also, make sure you only apply as much as the instructions tell you to – using more drops isn’t necessarily better. Store eyedrops in a cool, dry place – some prescription eyedrops should be stored in the refrigerator. And, make sure to throw out eyedrops that have passed their expiration date.

It is important to note that if you have a persistent problem with your eyes, you shouldn’t depend on eyedrops – you should make an appointment with your eye doctor! There may be an underlying issue that needs to be treated.

If you keep trying eyedrops to treat your eye problems but they don’t help, it may be time to make an appointment with your eye doctor! Contact Richens Eye Center, with offices in St. George, UT, and Mesquite, NV, for an eye exam, or if you need help finding the right eyedrops for you. Call (435) 986-2020 for an appointment today!

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