Tips for Itchy, Red Eyes

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You might not even need a calendar to tell you that spring is here – you may know it because of the sneezing, the congestion, and your itchy, red eyes. Most of the time, your itchy eyes will resolve on their own – but when is it time to see your eye doctor? And how can you find some relief?

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes

It may sound tempting to lock yourself in your home, pull down the shades, and wait it out until the pollen goes away, but this probably wouldn’t really help much (and it’s probably not really feasible, anyway). However, there are some things you can try to find relief for your itchy eyes:

  • A cold compress. This one is easy enough to try, and it may just relieve the itching and soothe your eyes. Just get a cloth wet with cold water and apply it to your eyes as often as necessary.
  • Over-the-counter eye drops. These can provide relief, but make sure you get the right kind. Read the label and make sure the drops are for allergy symptoms, not for dry eyes or some other condition.
  • Avoid pollen when you can. Drive with your windows up so that pollen can’t come flying right at you, and wear wraparound sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Clean the pollen off of yourself. Take a shower as soon as you get home to wash any pollen off of your body. And don’t forget to take out your contacts and clean them well, because pollen can attach to them, too.

When Should You See Your Doctor?

If your allergy symptoms aren’t helped with anything you’ve tried at home, if your eyes are in moderate to severe pain, if you develop an eye infection, if your vision gets worse, or if you feel like something is stuck in your eye, it is time to call your eye doctor for help.

If you are having pain or problems with your eyes, or if it’s just time for an exam, contact Richens Eye Center, with offices in St. George, UT, and Mesquite, NV. Call (435) 986-2020 for an appointment today!

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