Fascinating Facts About Your Eyes

eyes, st george, UT Your eyes are two of the most incredible organs in your body. If you don’t struggle with any major eye issues, you can often take them for granted. Remember to schedule your regular eye exam by calling Richen’s Eye Center today. Meanwhile, read on to discover some interesting insights about your eyes.

  1. Your eyes are old. 500 million years old! The human eye has been evolving for millions of years.
  2. Your eyes work like a camera. A camera lens will focus light on a photosensitive object, likewise, your eyes focus light on the retina.
  3. Brown is the most common eye color. Believe it or not, over 55% of the world’s population has brown eyes. Eye color is decided by genetics, which determines the amount of melanin produced in the eyes.
  4. Wide pupils either mean you’re excited or scared.
  5. Liars most certainly can make eye contact. The common theory that liars can’t make eye contact is a myth. In fact, some liars overcompensate by giving too much eye contact.
  6. Those eye floaters are there to stay. Some eye floaters are insignificant while others can cause vision issues. Those eye floaters can’t be removed and will likely remain with you for the rest of your life.
  7. When you stare at a screen for too long, your eyes get tired because you forget to blink and rest them.
  8. The sun can cause eye damage. Research shows that significant UV ray exposure can cause eye damage. Make sure you always remember to pack some sunglasses with you on the way out the door—in the winter and summer months.
  9. Your iris has 256 characteristics that mark it as unique and different. On the other hand, the human fingerprint only has 40. This is precisely why retina scans are being more widely considered for security purposes.

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