What Causes A Stye?

Glaucoma St George, UT Though some eye conditions occur without any noticeable cause, the ones we cause ourselves are far more bothersome. Nothing is worse than an eye injury that we know we could have avoiding through wearing safety goggles or not touching our eyes. Thankfully, not all eye issues are cause for concern, though they can definitely be annoying. Keep reading to learn about one of the most annoying eye problems that can often be prevented: the stye.

Generally speaking, a stye occurs when glands at the base of your eyelashes become contaminated with bacteria from our skin (usually with staphylococci bacteria) and causes a clog in the pore. Staphylococci normally exist on the skin of our eyes, but the problem is when it becomes trapped. When this bacteria gets trapped along with dead skin cells on the edge of the eyelid, a stye can form. After 24 hours or so, a red bump on the outside or inside of your eyelid along may appear (along with other symptoms like light sensitivity, watery eyes, and tenderness).

What can increase the chances of you developing a stye?

Namely, doing things that introduce bacteria into your eye. Blowing your nose, not washing your hands, and then touching your eye can introduce this bacteria into glands where it shouldn’t be. Also, using cosmetics like eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadow past their expiration date is a big No-No. Even older products that you use on the face (like face washes and masks) can introduce or transfer bacteria into the eye area.

One simple way to prevent styes is to disinfect your contact lenses every night, and by switching out the solution in the case daily as well. Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your eyes, and keeping your eyes clean and free of troublesome products can all help you avoid stye outbreaks.

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