Fascinating Facts About Your Eyes

  • Posted on: Jun 15 2018
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Eye Care Services St George UTOur eyes are one of the most incredible and fascinating aspects of our bodies. How much do you know about your eyes and how they really work? Read on to learn what your eyes are capable of.

  1. If you have brown eyes you’re in good company. Brown is the most common eye color in the world.
  2. You’re brain is what sees and comprehends things, not your eyes! Think of the eyes like a camera. They send data to the brain and capture light.
  3. Your canine companion can’t tell the difference between red and green.
  4. Two is better than one. This is certainly the case with eyes. We have two so that we can properly assess depth and determine how far away objects are.
  5. Ever wonder why your eyes get tired after staring at a screen? This happens when you don’t blink enough.
  6. A newborn will not produce actual tears until they are at least a few weeks old. Until then they still cry, but no tears are produced. Babies are also color blind at birth.
  7. 80% of vision problems worldwide are curable.
  8. Accidentally poking oneself in the eye with a mascara wand is one of the most common cosmetic injuries.
  9. The eyes consist of over 2 million working parts and are by far the most active muscles in the entire human body.
  10. Do you want to get through your book quickly? Don’t read it on a screen. Studies show that we read 25% faster on paper.
  11. When the brain senses danger, the eyes will close automatically.
  12. As we age, we produce less tears.
  13. While the human eye is capable of seeing hundreds of shades of gray, males are most likely to be color blind.
  14. One eye is typically always stronger than the other.
  15. The eyeball weighs about 28 grams and only 1/6 of it is exposed.
  16. A full half of your brain is specifically for vision and seeing. In fact, 80% of our memories are based on what we see.

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