Watch Out for These Eye Accidents

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You know it’s important to take care of your eyes and have them tested and checked regularly. But unfortunately, accidents can happen – it only takes a second for something to happen that can affect your vision for the rest of your life. In honor of October being Home Eye Safety Awareness Month, here are some eye injuries to watch out for – and what to do if an eye emergency happens to you. 

Common eye accidents

You don’t have to work in a chemical lab or on a construction site to sustain a serious, even blinding, eye injury. Eye injuries can happen in your own home when you are doing the most mundane of chores. React quickly if 

  • Chemicals (such as cleaning chemicals) are splashed in your eye. Flush the eye immediately with water or any other drinkable liquid if you don’t have water handy. Hold the eye open as widely as possible while you hold it under running water. After this initial flushing, see a doctor right away. 
  • Your eye is cut. Don’t try to remove the object that cut the eye, and don’t wash the eye. Cover the eye without putting pressure on it – the bottom half of a paper cup will work well. See a doctor right away. 
  • Debris gets in your eye. Don’t rub the eye, and try to let your natural tears wash out the debris. If this doesn’t work, try an eyewash. If it still won’t come out, keep the eye closed, cover it lightly without putting pressure on it, and see your doctor.
  • You sustain a blow to the eye. Without adding pressure to the eye, apply a cold compress. You should see a doctor right away if you have pain, reduced vision, or a black eye – these can indicate that your eye has internal damage. 

Do what you can to keep your eyes safe and protect your vision! Wear eye protection if there is any risk of eye injury and make sure your eyes are as healthy as they can be, by seeing the professionals at Richens Eye Center for an eye exam. Call the office in St. George, UT, or Mesquite, NV, at (435) 986-2020 today!

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