Are you ready for your laser vision correction procedure?

beautiful girl checks eyesight ophthalmologist
beautiful girl checks eyesight ophthalmologist

If you have a laser vision correction procedure scheduled, you are no doubt excited (and maybe a little nervous). Laser vision correction is safe and effective, and millions of people have had it done and love being able to see clearly without contacts or eyeglasses – but as with any medical procedure, there are some things you can do to make sure it all goes smoothly. Here are some tips for making your laser vision correction procedure the best experience possible!

Preparing for your procedure

Your doctor will have specific instructions for you to follow for before and after the procedure, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

• If you wear contact lenses, you’ll have to stop wearing them a week before the procedure, so that your corneas can revert to their natural shape.

• A couple of days before the procedure, you’ll want to stop wearing makeup and using any skincare products on your face. Your face should be as clean as possible – make sure to wash it thoroughly the night before and the day of the procedure, to get rid of as much oil, dirt, and makeup as you can.

• Dress in layers for the procedure, so that you won’t be too warm or too cold. Wear a shirt that buttons up so you can easily remove it if you need to without pulling it up over your head.

• You should plan on having someone drive you home, and you might want to have someone stay with you overnight, as your vision may still be blurry.

• You won’t be able to watch TV or play games on your phone, so you may want to line up a good audiobook or your favorite podcast to listen to.

• Many patients can get right back to their regular activities the next day, although you should avoid doing anything too strenuous for at least a week.

• Most patients tolerate the procedure well, but medication can be prescribed for discomfort if you would like.

Is your procedure scheduled? Or are you just considering laser vision correction surgery? Contact Richens Eye Center for a laser procedure consultation today. Call the office in St. George, UT, or Mesquite, NV, at (435) 986-2020 today!

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