How often should I have an eye examination?

istock 1075647696 We all know that we should visit our dermatologist annually for a skin cancer screening, and our dentist should see us for a cleaning and evaluation at least every six months. But what about caring for your eye health? Everyone should have routine eye examinations performed to not only maintain their vision health but to check for eye problems from childhood through adulthood. Many conditions that are caught in their earlier stages may be treated more effectively than those that have been left undiagnosed and untreated. Dr. Sharon Richens of Richens Eye Center speaks to all her patients about the importance of routine eye examinations. But how often should they occur?

When should I schedule an eye examination?

A thorough, comprehensive eye examination is performed by an eye doctor as needed based on the patient’s age and eye health. In the first three years, infants and toddlers should have their vision checked during their pediatric checkups by their primary doctor. If there are any concerns, they can be sent to an eye doctor for further evaluation. Between the ages of three and six, children should visit the eye doctor every year or every other year to check for signs of vision problems. Older children and teenagers can see their eye doctor every few years if they have no other medical conditions that may impact their vision. There are many conditions that are age-related, so senior patients should be seen yearly to monitor for these changes. Patients with certain conditions, such as diabetes or those with a higher predisposition to certain eye diseases will want to book annual evaluations to get an early diagnosis and discuss treatment as soon as problems arise.

Learn more about vision and eye health with our team at Richens Eye Center

If you are interested in finding out if you need an eye examination, or if you are overdue for one, we strongly encourage you contact our front office team by calling (435) 986-2020 to request an appointment. We service patients in and around the areas of Mesquite, NV and St. George, UT at any of our three convenient locations managed by Dr. Sharon Richens.

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