What Is Strabismus And How Is It Treated?

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Monitoring one’s eye and vision health is incredibly important to ensure that patients do not experience permanent vision loss, infection, and other conditions that can significantly impact one’s day-to-day activities. Many eye conditions that can develop are progressive, meaning that with early diagnosis and treatment, many conditions can be treated before permanent vision loss occurs. One condition that can impact one’s vision health is that of strabismus.

What is strabismus?

Dr. Sharon Richens of Richens Eye Center describes strabismus as a condition that causes the eyes to focus on different points causing turning or crossing of the eyes. Without a definitive diagnosis and effective treatment, strabismus can lead to problems such as lazy eye and vision loss. Fortunately, our professionals know how to evaluate for strabismus in patients and can help individuals strengthen and retrain their eyes to eliminate the problem before it becomes a more serious issue.

What causes strabismus?

For most of the patients who have been diagnosed with strabismus, it is typically present at birth, making it a condition more often seen in young children before they reach the age of two. It is unknown why this condition develops, but it makes it difficult for the eyes to simultaneously align for better vision. This crossing of the eyes can become a problem with time, though many babies are born with their eyes crossed until they improve their muscle control. If the condition continues to be a problem, it may be time to speak to a professional about treatment.

How is strabismus treated?

There are many ways in which Dr. Sharon Richens can help patients treat their condition. This includes the use of:

  • Special glasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Vision therapy
  • Eye patches
  • Surgery (in severe cases)

Determining the treatment right for you or your child starts with an evaluation to determine the severity of the condition and try more conservative, noninvasive options first.

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