Why should I avoid buying eyeglasses online?

Optical Shop In today’s world, shopping online has become the standard thanks to low prices and fast shipping. However, there are some things that should never be purchased online. This includes corrective lenses and eyeglasses. It is vital for patients to understand the importance of purchasing corrective lenses with a local professional such as Dr. Sharon Richens of Richens Eye Center.

Why you should avoid purchasing eyeglasses online

There are several reason why patients should visit their local ophthalmologist for corrective lenses instead of purchasing them online:

  • Appearance. Buying eyeglass frames can be difficult for some of our patients. Your facial proportions can impact the way one pair of eyeglasses look on one person versus yourself. Trying on eyeglass frames at the local eye center is the best way to get a pair of lenses that you love. With purchasing eyeglass frames online, you may be unhappy with your choice as soon as you wear them.
  • Quality. Many online sellers do not provide high-quality lenses. While they may look great online and the company may tout their quality, using the glasses everyday may prove to be a negative experience. Glasses purchased online are often made of much lower quality than those available at Richens Eye Center, and may not last nearly as long as the investment made with a local provider.
  • Fit. Glasses that are comfortable to wear each and every day will ensure patients comply with use. Online stores often sell glasses that do not fit properly for each patient. Face size, shape, and the positioning of the ears can impact the fit of eyeglass frames. At Richens Eye Center, we make sure our patients are happy with the fit and function of their lenses so they can enjoy them each and every day!
  • Cost of repairs/returns. Purchasing eyeglasses online seems inexpensive until they arrive and require adjustments or repairs. Additionally, many online stores require costly returns if patients are unhappy with their purchase. Instead, we encourage patients to purchase eyeglasses locally for simple repairs, adjustments, and returns.

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