5 Common Symptoms of Glaucoma You Shouldn’t Ignore

Portrait,Of,Attractive,Cheery,Woman,Touching,Under,Eye,Lifting,Uplift Glaucoma is an eye disease characterized by a progressively worsening loss of vision. The disease arises from optic nerve damage and is irreparable. Regular visits to an eye doctor can help identify symptoms before they impair your life. Eye care providers like the Richens Eye Center in Southern Utah are dedicated to diagnosing and treating a variety of ocular diseases and conditions.

Optic Nerve Damage Causes Glaucoma

While many forms of glaucoma exist, they all stem from a buildup of fluid in the eye drainage canals that damages the optic nerve. Our vision depends on the optic nerve, as it transmits visual information to the brain for processing. The change in pressure and resulting damage can occur rapidly or over the years. That’s why it is vital to identify symptoms and seek help.

Here are Five Common Glaucoma Symptoms

1. Having Blurry or Narrow Vision

With glaucoma, you may experience blurry vision or a loss of peripheral vision, like tunnel vision. As eye pressure increases and damages the optic nerve, your eyesight can become narrower, blurry, and dim.

2. Seeing Rainbows or Halos Around Lights.

When you look at a light, do you see a halo or rainbow effect on it? If so, you may need to have your vision checked. This is a side effect of nerve damage.

3. Headaches

Brain tissue doesn’t have pain receptors, so what causes headaches? When there is something wrong in the head or shoulders, the surrounding nerves send signals to the brain. These signals are interpreted as pain. With optic nerve damage, headaches can become more common.

4. Eye Pain and Pressure

Increasing pressure from failing drainage canals can be extremely uncomfortable. Your eyes may also become irritated, resulting in reddened eyes and pain.

5. Nausea and Vomiting

When your eyes suffer damage, it can affect your brain function and inner ear. When there is a discrepancy between your vision and the environment, it can trigger a nauseating response.

Schedule an Eye Exam

No matter the form, glaucoma is a serious disease that requires immediate intervention to stall disease progression. You should visit an eye doctor if you notice any of these symptoms. Whether you need a routine exam or specialized surgery like iLASIK, contact the Richens Eye Center at 435-986-2020 to schedule an appointment today.

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