Must-Know Holiday Eye Safety Tips

Young,Man,Is,Carrying,Christmas,Tree,In,The,Wood.,Men Among the excitement of the holiday season, eye injuries are the last thing on most people’s minds. But at Richens Eye Center, we always think about ways we can help our patients protect their vision! These holiday eye safety tips are important — be sure to keep them in mind as you engage in all your favorite traditions. 

Be Mindful of Christmas Trees

If you plan on bringing your own spruce or pine home for the holidays, be sure to carefully consider how you transport it. Avoid leaning too close to the branches, as accidental pokes can cause eye trauma. Pine needles can even become lodged in the eye and require professional removal, so keep a safe distance and wrap your tree when bringing it home. 

Keep Glass Ornaments Out of Children’s Reach

A shattered glass bulb could easily injure someone, especially if it falls and breaks close to a child’s face. You may use more durable plastic bulbs for decorating and hang your breakable ornaments higher up on the tree. 

Open Your Champagne Safely 

Popping open a bottle of bubbly is tradition for many, but it does pose a serious risk to your eyes. Corks from champagne bottles can reach 50 mph upon release, so never open a bottle pointed near your face or anyone else’s. 

Instead, untwist the cage on the bottle counterclockwise and twist the bottle rather than the cork. Push against the cork to stop it from shooting off. Instead, allow the pressure of the bottle to gently push the cork upward. 

Be Mindful of Fire Hazards

Some families use a battery-operated menorah or other festive candles to prevent burns to the eyes and skin. When using real flames, be sure to keep a safe distance and never place your eyes too close to the light. 

Watch Out for Steam 

Hot steam from a boiling pan can cause serious eye burns that damage the front surface of the cornea, leading to pain and even vision loss. Do not hold your face directly over a steaming pot, and use a lid when you need to pour water down the sink. Safety glasses can also be used to prevent steam burns.

If your eyes are burned by steam, flush them immediately with cool water for at least 30 minutes, then seek medical attention. 

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